“Michael knows how to elicit insight from a group of people who are working through a challenging problem. He listens carefully and clarifies continuously, skills that are essential in building a foundation of trust and creativity so that solutions can be agreed.”
“More than ever, our country needs Kinsley’s approach to fair, respectful, dignified community conversations that create new solutions to old problems. Kinsley is the best I’ve seen at uniting fractured and polarized groups on the common ground we all occupy as human beings, citizens, and parents.”
“Michael Kinsley’s sensitivity to the personalities and the issues allowed our board and staff to identify commonalities in the face of significant differences in our initial visioning process .”
Leader of local citizen group
“A million thanks for the fine job of facilitating our group’s discussion. It certainly helped to clarify and prioritize the issues and help us to look at what steps will follow. Thanks again for your time, energy, and effort!”
Aliso Viejo (CA)
“The session with Michael Kinsley was well worthwhile. He helped us identify ideas and solutions we needed to solve the tough problem we were confronting.”
Mayor Bill Phillips
Georgia Conservancy, Savannah
“Thanks to Michael Kinsley for pointing us toward a path that will help us tackle the formidable task of moving an established city and modern metropolitan area toward a greener, economically viable future.”
Patricia McIntosh
Savannah GA
“The sessions led by Michael Kinsley were informative, thought provoking and challenging. I would highly recommend him to any community or government that wants to make sense of the post-carbon economy. “
Patrick Shay, Chatham County Commissioner, author, architect
City of Omaha
“Thank you for all of your help during the start up of our Environmental Master Plan effort. The information and insight you and you provided to us has been invaluable. Your recommendations will help us focus on the most critical aspects of environmental planning for the city.”
Steve Jensen, Planning Director
U.S. Forest Service
“Michael’s command of time management, people skills keeping some 35 civic leaders focused, sense of humor, and stand-up professionalism is top-notch.”
Bill Kight, former District Ranger
Hypercar Inc.
“In literally one day, Michael helped a group of passionate entrepreneurs with diverging ideas converge onto one big hairy audacious goal—to create a company focused on producing 100-mpg zero-emission vehicles. This clarity of a defined end point allowed us to make tremendous progress in a short amount of time. Without Michael we likely would have been stuck spinning our wheels about goals.”
Jon Fox-Rubin, former CEO
Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork
“To my knowledge, no one has Michael’s ability to understand an audience, get to the heart of the matter, and artfully lead a group through challenging discussions. In a world where honest and respectful community dialogue is fading, he is re-teaching us how to communicate. Michael facilitated our school’s strategic planning meetings.”
Dan Richardson, Chair of the Board
Rocky Mountain Institute
“I’ve seen Michael’s mediation bring durable resolution to intractable conflicts.”
Amory B. Lovins, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute